Tricks To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer: How To Take Care Fresh Flower Boxes

Flowers are good way to cheer up people, they also help to enhance the atmosphere of romance and happiness. They are suitable for any occasions and festivals. More and more people send fresh flowers to their loved ones as gifts to show their gratitude. Apart from traditional flower bouquets and flower jars, flower boxes have also become more common in these years. However, what make flower boxes special? How to take care of the cut flower in the box?


Different from flower bouquets, flower box is an innovative and inspiring flower art that merge fresh flowers and box together. With the creative ideas of the designer, fresh flower box shows the most beautiful aspect of various flowers via the box with different designs. There is a floral foam at the bottom of the flower box. It is a magical, green, water-absorbing blocks used to create flower arrangements. Florists will soak the floral foam in water for a period of time, to let the floral foams absorb enough water to support the flowers put on the foam with water and nutrients that help them to last longer.

Flower box has a variety of special designs in different ways, it fits all moments in your life and people you loved, whether it is for friends, relatives, or lovers, as well as for any occasion, such as birthday or anniversaries. Flower boxes do not need a vase or container to keep them fresh, nor does it need to be rearranged. They’re a beautiful and friendly design for flower lovers who don’t have much time to take care of them. As the techniques for taking care of flower box is simple and easy as below:


It is essential to maintain good indoor ventilation for indoor plants, especially for cut flowers, because after the flowers cut off, they lose the source of nutrition support, and their vitality become weak. Good ventilation helps water evaporate in the house, prevent water condensation on the surface of flower petals or leaves, and lower the opportunities of fungal infection and decay of the fresh flowers of bouquets, flower boxes and flower jar. It also helps to reduce the nutrients loss of flowers as well. Flowers can last longer and prolong their freshness period in a good ventilation environment.


The floral foam at the bottom of the flower box. Florists will fill the foam with water before design the flower box, the foam helps to provide nutrition and water for the flowers insert on it. The colour of the flower foam will turn from light green to dark green after filling water. However, water inside the foam will evaporate when time goes by, or by the environment and other factors, the water in the foam will gradually gone. Water about 50ml of water into the flower box every day, it can help to maintain the freshness of the flowers, better to pour the water at the top of the flower box, into the gap between flowers gently.

If you can’t find a suitable gap between the flowers, you can gently tap the flowers at the top of the flower box, to make a small space, and then pour the water into it. After watering the flower box, please do not tilt the flower box to prevent water leaking. Do not pour water surround the edge of the flower box as well, as it is difficult for flower foam to get water from the edge. Water from the edge of the box may cause the box rot, as water may go to the paper box only instead of the foam. 


Flowers will dehydrate easily under both heat and direct sunlight, making them dry and vapid, and leading the flowers die quickly at the end. Even with the protection of the box, it is also difficult to avoid the damage caused by the heat to the flowers. It is recommended not to put the flower box in direct sunlight, especially not to stick on the glass where directly exposed to sunlight, because the temperature on the glass will be too high and will burn the petals and leaves. Do not put the flower box close to heater, nor under the fan, or in the windy spot. As the windy spots are not only accelerates the water loss of the flowers, but also increase the opportunity to break the flowers. It is best to place the flower box in a cool and dry place to keep them last longer.


Ripe fruits will release a small amount of ethylene gas, ethylene will spread through the air in the house, it will accelerate the maturity of flowers, speeding up petals falling off and withering, making the freshness of flowers difficult to last longer. Therefore, be careful to choose the right position for the flower box, not too close to the ripe fruit, it is best to keep a distance between the two.


Different flower material has its own characteristics and lifetime, their freshness period is also different. Even we treat them in the same way, they may have different results. If you find some of the flowers on the flower box are dried, withered, or even rotted, you should remove these flowers from the flower box as soon as possible, otherwise the bacteria from dead flowers will spread to other healthy and fresh flowers, causing the entire flower box to wither quickly.

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