Christmas Gifts Idea 2021: Light Up the Holiday Vibe With a Christmas Wreath And Christmas Bouquet

One of the most beautiful months of the year is here! December is a precious time of love, devotion and warmth. It is the season for expressing love and gratitude to family and friends. It is important to decorate your home to light up the festive vibe. Apart from Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and Christmas bouquets are other great choices for holiday decor. Christmas wreaths not only beautify your home, but they also have very sweet and meaningful stories behind them.


Christmas is a very important festival for gatherings of families and friends in western countries, they prepare a lot of elaborate and delicious food, and decorate their homes nice to show their feelings for this day. Christmas trees are one of the most common decorations to bring the festive mood home. People also hang up Christmas wreaths at home to welcome this sweet season as well, as it creates the joyful festivities easily.

Christmas is the day Christians celebrate Jesus’s birthday, and Christmas wreaths symbolize everlasting life brought by Jesus. For Christians, the circular shape of the wreath represents the power of God, with no beginning and no end. Traditions vary by country, but many westerners commemorate Jesus’ birth through Advent wreaths, by lighting a candle for several Sundays leading up to Christmas Day.

People usually hang Christmas wreaths on the walls or doors in early December coinciding with the build up to Christmas nowadays.


Christmas is the season of reunion and celebration with your loved ones, and apart from decorations, it is also important to send the sweetest blessings and heartfelt wishes to your dearest. Sending them a seasonal special design Christmas flower bouquet is a good way to bring the festivities to them.

Flower bouquets are always composed of different fresh flower materials. With the matching design of colors, each bouquet has a special meaning and mission for different people in various moments. Whether the bouquet is used as a decoration or as a gift for your loved one, it can easily to build up a warm, festive atmosphere. Having a matching specially designed bouquet could produce wonderful memories this Christmas and for years to come.


For hundreds of years, red and green have been the traditional colors of Christmas. They are two Christmas symbols that are instantly recognizable—and can instantly put you in the holiday spirit, but they’re not the only hues associated with the holiday—and each one has its own special meaning. Got Christians, red symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ. It is also associated with Santa Claus and his distinctive outfit. Red is often used to represent love, courage, and romance, and other popular holiday themes in general as well. Therefore, many people decorate their homes with red ornaments, especially on the Christmas trees, or use red as a dress code for Christmas parties to celebrate this warm holiday.

Evergreen plants like holly and mistletoe are used at Christmastime to represent Jesus’s life for Christian. Holly has dark green pointed leaves and small, beautiful red berries in winter. People believe they were a powerful reminder that nature keeps growing, even during cold times. Green often symbolizes good luck and health for the holidays and into the new year.

White Christmas refers to snowy weather on Christmas Day. White has become one of the famous colors for Christmas in recent year. The white color in December represents winter, and for Christians, embodies peace, hope and purity.


M FLORIST has launched a Christmas Collection with red, green and white as the main colors, including Flower bouquetsflower boxes and a flower jar, to ignite your holiday with warmth and a sweet festive atmosphere.

Among them, Peppermint Parade uses red and green as the main flower materials to show you the lively and happy parade atmosphere of Christmas with floral art perfectly. The Shining Star Christmas edition uses white flowers as the main centrepiece, depicting the snow in winter, and also the twinkling Christmas star shining in the night sky during the holiday.

No matter if it’s a bouquet or a Christmas wreath, sending flowers to the one you loved and concerned about during Christmas is a great expression of love and care. M FLORIST selects the most festive colored flowers for you, we also have a variety of Christmas wreaths made of fresh plants and ornaments. It is definitely a must-have for 2021 Christmas gifts which will bring you the most Christmas atmosphere with unforgettable memories.

This season, send the most heart-warming and beautiful gifts to your loved ones, and order M FLORIST’s Christmas Collection now.