Sweetest gift for your love: Flowers for Thanksgiving

September is the doorway to Autumn, and Autumn is the season for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving comes from the United States. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Some people believe that Thanksgiving originated out of the harvest feast. American Indians used to help newly arrived immigrants to live and farm with the climate and environment. They would produce great harvests, and therefore celebrate altogether. The United States became independent in 1863 and they declared Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday. In 1941, the fourth Thursday of November every year was officially designated as “Thanksgiving Day”.

Many places also celebrate Thanksgiving nowadays. People thank their families, friends, colleagues and classmates with a grateful heart on this day, for their company and encouragement over the year.

As families and friends gather on this public holiday, we believe that a bouquet of flowers can perfectly express the gratitude felt towards your loved ones. But what kind of flowers should we have for Thanksgiving? M FLORIST will introduce you what flowers should be used on Thanksgiving Day. 


Flower language: love, beauty, purity, respect and humility.
Most people associate red roses with lovers. However, with their many different colours they have a huge diversity of meanings. They are great when combined with other floral works, such as when matched with carnations, lilies etc. With red roses perfect for lovers, other roses are great for mothers, female teachers or other women.


Flower language: love and care, sincere, no price and never faded love.
The Carnation is reminiscent of the mother figure because it has the quietness of the orchid, the reservation of a plum blossom and the tenacity of bamboo. People describe them as symbolic of great maternal love. However, the form and symbol of carnations are also very appropriate as a metaphor for the father’s unforgettable love for his children. Therefore, in addition to female carnations, carnations of different colours can be matched with other flowers and given to fathers, male elders, and friends.


Flower language: Elegant and graceful, generous and peaceful.
The cymbidium flower is part of the orchid family, symbolizing generosity, elegance, perseverance and purity. The cymbidium’s different colours have different meanings: pink represents enthusiasm, light green represents ambition and yellow represents good luck. When various colours of cymbidium are put together with other flowers, they create a very elegant bouquet suitable for anyone.

Different flowers have different symbolism. You can express your love and gratitude to your close ones at any time, you don’t have to wait for the designated day. Visit M FLORIST online florist to buy bouquets for your loved ones now!