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The Essence of LOVE

A mother is nothing but a heavenly being who is wonderfully made to protect, endure and live for her kids. All mothers battled with death when they were bringing forth us. They spent restless nights when we were ill and crying. Motherhood is unconditional and selfless. They never asked for return and gratitude for everything they did for us, they only hope their children grow up healthily in love. Mothers are like spring who always be there no matter how cold it was in winter, it comes with rain to raise the blooms.

Mother’s love is like the rain in spring which nourishes the growth of every child’s life silently, it also seems the breeze in summer which soothes the hearts of every child, so that we can find the peace in the midst of irritability under the hot weather. The greatness of mother’s love is not about the work of shaking heaven and earth, but their every single thought, admonition and plans about their kid’s life.

Spring and summer are the season of flowers blooming, it is also a time to celebrate Mother’s Day; to give affirmation to the wonderful and sweet lady in the world. “The Essence of LOVE” is the special collection from M FLORIST for Mother’s Day 2022. The collection is inspired by the blooms in spring and summer. M FLORIST designs a variety of meaningful and distinctive bouquets and flowers jar for all mother which express the deepest love to mother who helps take care of problems, build confidence, and makes one feel loved, protected and entirely safe in the world.


Mother’s Day is the day to thank the greatest woman who raised you up. We will send different kinds of gifts to mothers to express gratitude and love. Flower bouquets are one of the best choice among all gifts, as flower bouquets always cheer mother up easily.

Carnations are the official flower for Mother’s Day. Legend has it that Carnation grew from the tears of Virgin Mary when she saw Jesus carrying the cross, and the elegant blooms are hence associated with a mother’s love and care. Carnations are also the symbol of motherly love, admiration and gratitude. They come in various colours with different flower meanings to convey your thoughts and feelings.

Apart from Carnation, there are a lot of nice seasonal flowers for Mother’s Day bouquet. Sweet pea is good choice as well. Sweet pea is a climbing plant which has delicate and sweet-smelling flowers which symbolize gratitude. Give these flowers if you want to express your gratitude to your sweet and lovely mom.

Peony is also good for Mother’s Day bouquets! Peony symbolizes honor and compassion. A gift of peonies tells the recipient that you honor them. Honor the superwoman in your life by sending them the greatest blessing with Peonies on Mother’s Day.

“The Essence of LOVE” collection for Mother’s Day has different flower arrangement in bouquet and flower jar, it is designed for different personalities and beautiful mom. Order your Mother’s Day bouquet for your special one now!


M FLORIST handcrafted this year’s Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets with a refreshing and elegant arrangement for your celebration on this special occasion. Make sure to check out our catalogue! Plan ahead and order your Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets early! All Mother’s Day flowers will be delivered between 9 am – 6 pm during Mother’s Day period.

If you want to be spontaneous and grab some last-minute Mother’s Day flowers for her as a gift, we also offer complimentary same-day delivery on selected bouquets and flower boxes by ordering before 1 pm. We provide free flower delivery to all districts in Hong Kong (except certain areas). Visit our delivery service guide to know more!