Scouting for gifts for your beloved’s approaching birthday? Today, birthday flowers remain a popular gift to convey emotions and thoughts with beauty and fragrance. A well-decorated bouquet can remind the recipient that someone is thinking of them on their special day, no matter where they are. 

Ordering flowers online is easier than ever. Before you buy, make sure you know flower gifting etiquette to avoid any embarrassment!

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A bouquet with dedicated meaning is a powerful gift to express your feelings and blessings. To help inspire you, we’ve listed a few common blooms perfect for birthday bouquets.

Rose A symbol of love and appreciation.
Red or pink: Passionate love, affection
Yellow: Friendship, caring. It is a “friend zone” flower so never send yellow roses to someone you’re romantically interested in.
Calla Lily A flower of magnificence and beauty.
White: Purity, innocence, perfect for a wedding bouquet
Pink: Admiration, appreciation
Carnation Best known as the Mother’s Day flower.
Pink: The love of a woman or a mother
Red: Love, pride, admiration
White: Pure love
Daisy It is a great flower to convey loyal love and promises.
White: A symbol of innocence and purity
Hydrangea The symbol of heartfelt emotions.
Pink: Unity, sincerity
Purple: A desire to deeply understand someone.
Blue: Gratitude, apology
Orchid A symbol of refinement, thoughtfulness, and mature charm.
Pink: Beauty, femininity
Purple: Royalty, respect
Yellow: Everlasting friendship, achievement
Tulip A symbol of a declaration of love.
Pink: Confidence and happiness
Yellow: Hope and positivity
Peony A flower of compassion, prosperity, and good fortune.
Pink: Love at first sight, or the beauty of marriage
Yellow: New beginnings, hope, positivity
Anthurium A flower of hospitality and abundance.
Red: love, passion
Pink: Femininity, compassion
White: Purity, innocence

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Sending the recipient their birth flowers tells how unique and precious they are. Usually, birth flowers are seasonal flowers in their months, so using birth flowers in your birthday bouquet guarantees the freshest blooms in your flower arrangement!

January Carnation, snowdrop Fascination, distinction, love
February Violet, primrose Wisdom, modesty, virtue
March Daffodil Rebirth, prosperity, new beginnings
April Daisy, sweet pea Youth, purity, blissful pleasure
May Hawthorn, Lily of the valley Beauty, humility, sweetness
June Rose, honeysuckle Love, gratitude, appreciation
July Water lily, larkspur The strong bond of love, dignity, sweet
August Gladiolus, poppy Strength of character, moral integrity, honour
September Morning glory, Aster Patience, daintiness, remembrance
October Marigold, calendula Warth, devotion, winning grace, protection
November Chrysanthemum, Peony Compassion, friendship, abundance
December Poinsettia, Narcissus Good cheer, success, special, self-esteem

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Some people with an allergy can react poorly to irritating pollen, and trigger runny noses, itchy eyes, uncontrollable sneezes, or other unwanted miseries. By asking whether the recipient has an allergy to flowers shows your thoughtfulness and considerate personality, but it can ruin the surprise. Try asking relatives or friends of your intended recipient to ensure you know any potential allergies before sending the flowers.

Avoid gifting garden plants like aster, baby’s breath, dahlia, daisy, chamomile, chrysanthemum, or sunflower if your birthday person has allergic symptoms. Consider choosing these flowers instead as they are considered hypoallergenic:

  • Rose
  • Hydrangea
  • Orchid
  • Camellia
  • Begonia

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The act of gifting, especially in Chinese society, can have unspoken rules derived from superstitions. Making undesirable gifting mistakes can have the opposite effect of blessing the recipient. Be sure to consider the taboos in the flower arrangement to score the perfect birthday gift!

White/ black flowers While the colour white symbolises purity and innocence, it is also associated with death and funerals in traditional Chinese culture. The black flower symbolises mystery and magic, but on most occasions, it reminds people of calamity and grief.
Yellow chrysanthemum Yellow chrysanthemum is the flower for funerals in Chinese culture. Sending a bouquet with only the chrysanthemum may convey a different tone. Make sure to consult with your florist on how to pair chrysanthemum with other blooms to avoid sending out the wrong message!
Withered flowers Withered flowers can give the feeling of depravity and decadence. Sending withered flowers to a girl is a big no-no, as flowers are usually used for complimenting beauty and youth. Be sure to order your bouquet from a reputable florist to provide you the best fresh flowers!
The number of 4 Chinese people generally avoid the numbers 4 and 14 as it sounds the same as death in Chinese. If you plan to send a rose bouquet as a birthday gift, choose a bundle of 12, 36 or 99 stems to send a hidden love message.

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Flowers are a beauty to behold, but a small percentage of plants can be dangerous to pets. Before you pick your perfect birthday bouquet, make sure to be aware of the potential danger to pets of the following flowers. Remind the recipient to keep their pets away if their pets are curious ones!

  • Azalea
  • Morning glory
  • Lily of the valley
  • Tulip
  • Hyacinth


Sending a belated birthday bouquet somehow strips away the celebratory excitement, but nowadays it’s easy to avoid.

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Now that you have a solid understanding of the dos and don’ts of birthday flowers, check out our Birthday flower collection to plan for your birthday gifts!