It’s been a long hard year. Many families across town have had to ride over some rough patches but what matters is that you weathered through them together and emerged stronger than ever.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s the time to give back and show appreciation. If you’ve landed on this page, you must be thinking flowers – but what flowers? Apart from the top 3 Mother’s Day picks – carnation, rose, and tulip, there are many more options to consider. M FLORIST loves experimenting with colors, silhouettes, and presentation and in our newest Mother’s Day collection, we present a diverse range of unorthodox bouquets themed around the characters of unique, modern moms.

For the matriarch

She is the leader of the tribe and the one who calls the shot. She’s a fiercely independent woman who commands respect and admiration. If that sounds like your mom, then she’ll love Queen Bee flower bouquet or Captain Marvel vase arrangement.

The Queen Bee flower bouquet is in a beautiful purple palette that evokes associations with royalty. It’s an elegant mix of violet, plum, lilac, and heather hues composed of Anemones, Tulips, and Carnations. There’s no better way to tell your majesty that she rules as queen.

The Captain Marvel vase arrangement is a fiery red hue that’s fit for a super-mom. She the modern woman who juggles housework, raising the kids, and her career all at the same time. If a woman like that is not a heroine, who is?

For the stylish mom

Friends have always been envious of your spotless and stylish home. Thanks to mom, the home is a beautiful space adorned with collector items and antiques. Her keen eye for aesthetics also means that growing up, you were a polished kid with much confidence, grace, and class.

If that describes you and mom, send her Mrs. Elegant vase arrangement or our Sweet Garden combo.

Mrs. Elegant is all about delicate proportions and harmonious shades. Featuring pink and purple Dahlias, Anemones, and Hyacinthus, this is a feminine arrangement of uncommon choices that compliment her on her style and sophistication.

Alternatively, engage her senses with our Sweet Garden flower box. Sweet Garden is a flower-and-perfume combo where a bottle of Guerlain perfume sits neatly on a bed of pink and red blooms. This keepsake item will remind her of your sweetness long after the flowers. If our default perfume option is not her cup of tea, we also offer the flower box on its own.

For the quirky one

What color do you pick when mom is every shade of the rainbow? Well, then My Unicorn flower bouquet is your match! Designed for the vivacious mom with a great sense of humor, it is a flush of color you won’t find elsewhere on the market. Send her an arrangement of pink Dahlias, champagne Garden Roses, blue Delphiniums, and lavender Matthiola and tell her that she’s a unicorn in a field of horses!

For the loving caretaker

Our selections for mom as a loving caretaker is all about recalling fond memories of mommy and baby.

Born of Love flower bouquet brings together a range of reds as a metaphor for all the ways mom shows her love: discipline, patience, protection, and guidance. Regardless of the means of expression, her love is always unconditional, always pure, and always there. We sing praises to her with a monochromatic arrangement in red featuring burgundy Dahlias, pink Ranunculuses, red Orchids, and white Anemones.

We take a visual approach with Bedtime Story flower bouquet to capture the precious time of mom telling strange tales of the world every night before we drift off to sleep. It’s a memory of love intertwined with the intrigue and fascination. This sentiment is represented by a dreamy, all-pink arrangement featuring Roses, Ranunculuses, Calla Lillies, Hydrangeas, and Delphiniums.

Last but not least, we have Candy Jar vase arrangement. Candy Jar is synonymous with sweet blessings. Every time mom reaches for it, you know you’ve done something right. Our namesake bouquet is one that reminds mom of the bygone days when she showered you with affection and attention giving out sweets. This arrangement is in the color of vibrant candies, composed of icy Delphiniums, yellow Anemones, lavender Hydrangeas, and purple Matthiolas.

This wraps up our Mother’s Day offerings for 2020. Head over to the product pages linked above to order, or discover more on our Instagram handle @mfloristhk. Happy Mother’s Day!