Gifting Mother’s Day’s flower to mums is the traditional and heartwarming gesture of Mother’s Day to honour our mothers, or all other motherly figures such as grandma and mum-type superwomen, who spent their time, care, and unconditional love on nurturing us.

Our mums sacrificed more than what we give them credit for. They bore the sufferings during pregnancy to bring us to this world; picked us up when we fell while learning to walk; walked with us on the first day of school and hid her tears from us when she turned and left. To return all these favours, giving our mums Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets on the second Sunday of May is the least we can do!


The tradition of giving Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets derives from Mothering Sunday – a celebration dated back to the early 20th century.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis, now commonly known as the founder of Mother’s Day, honoured her late mother’s last wish by holding a memorial celebration to express gratitude for hers and all mothers in their local church in West Virginia, U.S. She sent 500 white carnations for all who attended the service.

Many people were moved and followed suit to use Mother’s Day flowers to deliver love and blessings to their mums. Since then, giving Mother’s Day flowers has been popularised around the nation and the globe.


For centuries, motherhood has been synonymous with springtime, plants, and flowers, as mother nature represents life and fertility. Fresh flowers also emanate a sense of beauty and purity, some attributes that we often associate with mothers.

Many people choose to give flowers and bouquets on Mother’s Day simply because flowers and bouquets are graceful and exquisite gifts that a lot of ladies would like. It is a classy and thoughtful way to guarantee a smile on our mums’ faces.

It’s common knowledge that carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day. However, there are also other flower choices as Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets. So let’s expand our realm of imagination and get familiar with what other Mother’s Day flowers there can be.


The official Mother’s Day flower, known for their fluffy and frilled petals, delicate fragrance, and long, simple leaves, carnations often remind us of the gentle and sympathetic traits of motherhood.

Carnations symbolise purity, faith, love, beauty, and charity. Among all colours, pink carnations have the weightiest significance as Mother’s Day flowers since it signifies “a mother’s undying, eternal love”.


The Mother’s Day flower of love, normally given as Valentine’s Day flowers, roses have become gradually more popular as Mother’s Day flowers as well, due to their symbolic meaning of deep passion and love. Some people prefer roses as a Mother’s Day gift because of their elegance, fragrance, and luxurious look.


A youthful & young-spirited Mother’s Day flower. Tulips make a great gift for new mothers because they are traditionally seen as the floral herald of spring and new life, symbolising youth, vitality, and growth. By the way, don’t forget about giving Mother’s Day flowers and bouquets to your wife!

Any yellow, pink or red tulips can be a great Mother’s Day flower choice to deliver the joy of motherhood, excitement, and romance. If you wish to impress your wife and extend the Mother’s Day blessing to your mother-in-law, giving purple tulips will be perfect for expressing respect, maturity, and loyalty.


The Chinese Mother’s Day flower for motherhood. If your mum is high-energy and a joy to be around, a major source of inspiration for you, then grab her a bouquet of lilies! Loved by many mothers, lilies are one of the most given Mother’s Day flowers.

Daylilies are the Chinese symbol of motherhood. Casablanca lilies mean celebration, and calla lilies are the flowers for magnificence and beauty, a go-to for regal mamas.


A elegance gift on Mother’s Day. Want something more elegant and long-lasting for her? Orchids are everything you’re looking for. If you’d describe your mum as delicately beautiful, sophisticated, respectful, and passionate, then orchids are her flowers for Mother’s Day.

White orchids tell her that she’s gorgeous and elegant. Purple orchids show your respect and admiration for your mum’s unconditional love. Yellow orchids mean “thank you for bringing me the joy in my life”.


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