Talking about Orchids, it might not be the first flower that pops up in your mind when you think of romance or celebration. In fact, you always see them sitting around at the corner of the living room or in the middle of the dining table. Unlike the roaring roses or flashy gladiolus, orchids are nothing too glamorous, nothing too flashy. That’s what orchids are about – low key, elegant, luxury and perfection.


Orchids (Orchidaceae family) earned their name from the Greek word orchis, meaning testicle. Their underground tubers were thought to resemble testicles, at least that’s what Greek botanist Theophrastos thought at the time. The ancient Greeks thought orchids were a symbol of virility. In fact, they were so convinced of the connection between orchids and fertility that they believe orchids with large tuberous roots symbolized a male child, while orchids with small tubers symbolized a female child.


Unlike most flowers that have round-shaped petals, orchids have petals in geometrical shapes. No wonder they convey special messages. In fact they are one of the rare flowers which has over 25,000 species in the world. One of the most popular orchids is the moth orchid, which got its name from the fact that their flowers were first mistaken as moths when they were first discovered by Swedish naturalist, Peter Osbeck. They are known for being the most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Not only do orchids come in different sizes, they come in every colour too. Not sure which orchid delivery you want to go for? Blue orchids represent rarity; red symbolize passion and desire; pink is the flower for of a couple’s 14th and 25th wedding anniversary. White is elegance and beauty; purple orchids symbolize admiration and dignity while yellow wish you forever friendships and new beginnings. Orange sends a message of boldness and pride; and Green, they bring good fortune and blessings.


The orchid flower’s message is difficult to dismiss. This exotic flower brings beauty and grace to any occasion and venue with flowers that appear to fly like a moth in the air. They add a flair for the unusual to floral bouquets, or simply used as potted plants as centrepieces during special occasions. And, as if that’s not enough, orchids give the world the sweet flavour of vanilla.

“The orchids grow in the woods and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it.” – Confucius.

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