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Why Give Flowers as Your Christmas Gift?

Christmas is a traditional time for reunion and celebration. Giving your loved ones a distinctive Christmas gift shows your love, care and appreciation, and guarantees to put a gleeful grin on their faces.

Among a wide selection of gift ideas out there, a Christmas flower might be the easiest, most economical option that is nothing short of grandeur and thoughtfulness. Not to flaunt, but – imagine your loved ones holding an exquisite Christmas flower arrangement from you on Christmas Day while basking in the festivity during a romantic dinner or an unwinding stroll. Think about that surprised awe from your loved one, and also those coveted admirations from passersby. With the right maintenance and gentle care, the Christmas flowers can also be a pleasant house decoration to lift your loved ones’ Christmas spirit, especially during the long and chilled winter days.

Choosing the right Christmas flower for your special someone can be overwhelming, so why not leave it in our hands?

M FLORIST Christmas Flower Gifts Collection

This year, our trained florists meticulously curated a Christmas flower gifts collection filled with joy and wonder for you to celebrate this festive season in style! From dazzling Christmas wreaths, Christmas hampers , Christmas bouquets to breathtaking Christmas flower boxes, our collection will be your ideal Christmas gift to encapsulate the special moments in this season of love and greetings.

Hampers, hampers, hampers!

What’s more exciting than a Christmas hamper? Multiple Christmas gifts!

Our gift specialists at M FLORIST have hand-picked a couple of premium blends of tea and sweet treats from Fortnum and Mason, and assembled with our petit artisan Christmas tree and wreath to create the holiday-exclusive Christmas hampers. Get your dedicated gift basket for a resplendent festival experience before they go out of stock!

Get Your Gifting All Sorted Out with Just a Few Clicks

Life can be hectic, but sorting out your Christmas gift is just as important. That’s why we made it easy for you to order your flower online with us. You can browse our latest flower collection on our product page, select your desired blooms, and head straight to writing your bespoke message card, leaving the recipient’s details and checking out. The rest? We have you covered!