It’s her who carried you around in her belly and fed you with all she ate. It’s her who picked you up the first time you fell when you learnt to walk. It’s her who walked you to the door on the first day of school but would never let you see her tears while she turned away. Yes it’s her who yelled at you when you didn’t come home on time. But it’s probably also her who stood before you when things went wrong. She might be harsh on you, but to be honest, aren’t you too? Abraham Lincoln had once expressed his feeling about his mother – “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” For the golden heart that your mom has, she deserves to be treated in most special manner. Here comes the second Sunday of May, her day – the Mother’s Day.


Talking about Mother’s Day little do people actually know the history about it. The US version says it’s because of Anna Jarvis who organized a formal celebration at her church in Grafton, West Virginia, back in 1908 to honor her recently deceased mother. People have then conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. Meanwhile the ancient Greek and Roman version suggests the festivals held in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.
母親節快樂 | M FLORIST Happy Mother's Day Poster


Now, it’s the time again to bring out that little smile on your mother’s face with some gifts for mom. People say no woman can resist the charm of flowers and they aren’t lying. Why not head over to some floral arrangements now and surprise her with some special gifts on her special day? For centuries, motherhood has been synonymous with springtime and plants, as the two both represent life and fertility. Meanwhile flowers also emanate beauty and purity, attributes many of us associate with our own moms. And most importantly, the answer is as simple as because all mums love flowers.
Shakespeare once wrote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And who wouldn’t agree? After all, there aren’t many flowers so deeply steeped in tradition, myth, and legend like roses. Though traditionally given as a Valentine’s Day flower, more recent years roses have become more and more popular for Mother’s Day bouquets.
With their fluffy and frilled petals, delicate fragrance and long, simple leaves, Mother’s Day carnations are sometimes relegated to the status of filler flower. Carnations signify purity, faith, love, beauty and charity. They are the most gifted flowers on Mother’s Day with pink carnations having the most significance, “a mother’s undying, eternal love”.
When you think of tulips, huge colorful flower fields in the Netherlands probably spring to mind. Just like mothers, tulips mostly lie in their elegance and grace over anything overtly symbolic. They are also traditionally seen as the floral herald of spring and new life, the perfect choice for new mothers.
If your mom is high-energy, a joy to be around, a major source of inspiration for you, then grab her a bouquet of lilies. Stargazer lilies are perfect for ambitious moms, day lilies represent enthusiasm, Casablanca lilies mean “celebration” and calla lilies are the go-to for regal mamas. Who wouldn’t love some flowers that symbolize devotion, purity and virtue on Mother’s Day?
Want something more elegant and long-lasting for her? Here you go the Orchid. Imaginative, quirky, funny, trendsetter: If any of these words describe your mom, then her floral equivalent is the orchid. Side note, the orchid also means “delicate beauty”.
After all, no matter the pick of flower or the date and time, your mum’s love to you will never change. So on this special Her Day, tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her with flowers. Mother’s Day is now not far away and we’re already prepared ahead with an exciting array of spectacular floral arrangements. This is the time to let your mother know that she is special to you. Send out the best blooms to your mother from M FLORIST in the most breathtaking manner.