Similar to how earth signs gravitate towards grounding, air signs aspire to be free. As free thinkers, Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are great at coming up with interesting ideas and expressing them effectively. Air signs are best described as idealistic, communicative, and cerebral. They love to be theoretical and tend to think twice before acting, carefully weighing up the pros and cons. Communication is second nature to them, so it’s no surprise that these people are highly sociable.

Unlike other signs, it’s hard to pin them down under a single stereotype. Each sign is rather unique in their own right, as they’re guided by a distinctive way of thinking. Putting her in the air sign basket will lead you nowhere! Understanding who they are with respect to their individual traits will shine a light on what flowers would work, so without further ado, here is the bloom pairing for Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini.

A pink orchid in a pot setting on a wooden shelf


It’s often hard to tell what Aquarius is cooking up in their head. These people are highly original thinkers, so much so that they can appear to be unpredictable and hard to understand. As “weird” as they may be, people born under the sign are very intelligent. In many cases, they are even regarded as visionaries who are able to think way ahead of their time, not only about their personal futures but also that of society. Now that’s what I call a rare talent!

It might surprise you that the orchid is the birth flower of the eccentric sign. Orchids are beautiful in an original, unorthodox way. Housed under the family of Orchidaceae, Orchids have features that are utterly different from any other flowers, just like how the peculiar Aquarius does not belong in any brackets. Orchids also sing praises to the energetic and intelligent side of the sign. Given the opportunity, they would happily share their strange ideas with great confidence.

A flower bouquet in pale orange and white tone flowers are stunningly layered and textured with elements of the unexpected set on the table.


Libra is the best friend to take your problems to. Born under the sign of the scales, these people are level-headed and sociable. Giving great advice is one of their natural talents written in the stars. You will find that they are fair, diplomatic, and often idealistic in the pursuit of justice. Beyond their inner virtues, beauty is also a very important element in their lives and they gravitate towards a well-balanced aesthetic.

If “classy”, “charming”, and “sophisticated” are adjectives that come to mind when learning about Libras, you are absolutely right. Nothing compliments the classic beauty better than roses. They exude a sense of peace, love, and class effortlessly. Along with a superior sense of aesthetics and a noble pursuit of right and wrong, Libras are adored and admired by everyone they meet. No other sign carries themselves as elegantly as the Libra, that’s why these people are the roses among flowers. Our Vivacious bouquet highlighted with beautiful garden roses makes for a timeless gift for the Libra in your life.

Purple Ranunculus with Scabiosa flower box


With Geminis, you either hate them or you love them – there’s almost no middle ground. Geminis are loud, exuberant, and very witty. When it comes to exercising their freedom of communication, they love exchanging social information (AKA juicy gossips!). You can spot them from a mile away because they never shy away from making a statement. These people are the epitome of a social butterfly, they love to be the center of attention and are always down to kick it with friends.

To complement her friendly and pleasant aura, Lavender works best. Lavender’s distinctive aroma arouses your senses from a distance, much like the Gemini. These people are not fans of the bland and ordinary, so Lavender makes for the perfect birthday present. The energetic flower blends well with Gemini’s high spirits and light-heartedness. Geminis make it their mission to keep you entertained – just like the Lavender! If getting her a simple pot of Lavender is not quite gripping enough, try our Lavender bloom box made up of Scabiosa, Ranunculus, and matching seasonal foliage.

So here you have it! A flower for all twelve of the zodiac signs. For a tailored recommendation from our expert florists, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always working to bring you the freshest seasonal blooms from around the world!