Music has always celebrated the beauty of nature. From classical to popular music, we’ve chosen a few tunes for you to discover while you enjoy the company of beautiful blooms.

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Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky is a piece that everyone knows, but not necessarily from the Nutcracker – the ballet it was composed for. It is no surprise then, that the waltz describes a string of beautiful flowers performing a dance. The century-old composition has been kept alive by various movies since the 1920s, making it a timeless classic that is still popular to this day. An iconic example would be Walt Disney Studios’ Fantasia, where the animation of the waltz presents an imaginative visual element in perfect synchronization to the composition. Suggested product – Sweet heart | Flower bouquet

Robert Schumann’s Blumenstück, op. 19 is a short piano piece dating from 1839. It’s an “easy listening” piece great for people who are new to classical music. Aligning with the theme of floral poetics, the flower-inspired tune is feminine and gentle on the ears. Core to the idea behind the piece is a mixed aesthetic similar to a bouquet of flowers where blooms of different species and character complement each other with its uniqueness and vivacity. Suggested product – Only prettier | Flower bouquet

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When it comes to oldies, Kiss From a Rose is definitely one that comes to mind. Doesn’t ring a bell? Give it a listen and be brought back to the streets of Gotham in 1995 from the movie Batman Forever, where neon signs are lit against dark alleys in the crime-filled city. Serving justice as a misunderstood and lonely hero is core to Batman’s appeal, along with the sequel’s thematic darkness set against a beautiful cyberpunk cityscape. These elements are deftly captured in the song that describes the kind of romance that comes with a taste of melancholy, loss, and loneliness. Suggested product – True romance | Flower bouquet

Bed of Roses Released in 1992, this is another well-known oldie that will give you 90s nostalgia. Like many of his other works, Bon Jovi songs age well against the test of time. “Bed of Roses” as an idiom means an easy, pleasant, and peaceful life, but the song tells quite a contrary story. Bon Jovi captures with his hoarse voice the longing for a lover, aptly complemented with a romantic imagery of a bed of roses where the lover lays. Suggested product – Radical love | Flower bouquet

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Fast forward a few decades, Yoon Mirae – “Flower” a popular song from the hit Korean drama Crash Landing on You also speaks of delicate blooms as a metaphor. Like Batman Forever, the protagonists in the drama are from conflicting backgrounds – the political and geographical divide of South and North Korea. Similar to Kiss From a Rose, Flower is a song that captures the unfulfilment of a pair of unlikely lovers against a background of fear, threats, and insurmountable challenges. Suggested product – Purity | Flower bouquet


Listening to the song “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” , you might think it was sung by a female but as the singer’s name suggests, Tiny Tim was indeed a male singer, and he was known for his distinctive falsetto. Tiny Tim named himself after the Charles Dickens character and was quite the offbeat and quirky performer. His whimsical singing takes you tiptoeing through a field of tulips on a bright and sunny day. The remarkable song made him quite the icon, but some say it’s nothing but creepy – what do you think? Suggested product – Deep breaths | Flower Bouquet

All of these tunes hold different sentiments from various eras, but what brings them together is the sense of imagination, romance, and occasionally, melancholy that is common to songs composed around flowers.

To applaud the beauty of nature is to also understand that as glorious as a full bloom may be, there is always a limited lifespan, and it is exactly this sense of loss that necessitates timely appreciation. That is exactly what’s been captured in these recommended listens.