How do you impress an earth sign? Earth signs may not be the lovey-dovey kind, but they do appreciate a gesture of romance and affection. Here’s the key to wooing the Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo in your life.

These people are some of the wisest and most grounded folks, which is why they rule the physical world. If you are close to one, you would know that while they are not the stars of the show, they are often the legends people come to know.

Connecting with the material world is what makes them tick. At work, they are known to be trustworthy professionals who have no problem getting down to business – or getting their hands dirty. In their private lives, they love creating art, cooking, or gardening; basically, anything that allows them to make meaningful connections with their hands.

Earth signs are great companions to have around because they put their heart and soul in everything they do. They care about quality and they seldom disappoint.

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The stereotype of a Capricorn is an uptight workaholic. Well, that’s not far from the truth. Cappies are ambitious, hardworking people. They are steadfast, headstrong, and responsible. You can count on them because they just won’t give up!

Capricorn’s flowers are Pansy and African Violet. Just like the Capricorn, Pansies do best in cooler months. In warmer regions, Pansies can bloom all the way from September to April. Much like how a Capricorn thrives through life’s many challenges and adversities, Pansy rises from the dead of the Winter when other flowers go dormant.

As for African Violet, it’s a flower that symbolizes faithfulness which is a common trait across Capricorns. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as these people are stable and take commitments very seriously.

After a hard day at work, Capricorns love to spoil themselves with the finer things in life. Although practicality and self-discipline are an integral part of them, Capricorns do appreciate a little indulgence and beauty – which is why it’s so much fun to surprise them with it. Don’t forget they are earthy people, which means they enjoy luxury and sensuality as much as the next person if not more. So, don’t shy away from pairing a beautiful bouquet with an expensive gift or a nice bottle of wine.

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Although the symbol of Taurus is a bull, people born under this sign are as romantic and compassionate as they are headstrong and fierce. They are sensuous, which explains their strong love for beautiful things and enjoy indulging in pleasure and comfort.

Poppy and lilies are great flowers for Taurus. Similar to the Poppy flower, Taurus can stand their ground, especially when it comes to matters of importance. They exude positivity and beauty in their own unique and humble way.

Lily, on the other hand, is a more passionate representation of the warmhearted Taurus. The lily is classy yet exuberant. What’s more, not only is lily visually appealing, but its fragrant scent will also indulge their sensual side.

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Virgos may seem shy at first, but don’t let that fool you. Once you get to know them, they will come out of their shell and transform into a fun-loving, cheeky person. You will see them command the attention of the group in a reserved yet captivating way.

The ideal flower for Virgo is a Buttercup. Buttercups are beautiful in a subtle way. They would gladly blend into the background and shine in a way that they are comfortable with because Virgos know who they are. Underneath their unassuming exterior is a person that’s wise, witty, and intriguing if you would just spend time to discover her full glory. So send her a bouquet with Buttercup to show that you appreciate her modesty. At a time when everyone is screaming for attention, it’s important that someone like you stop and listen to the voice worth hearing.

In a similar sense, the wild Daisy is also a fitting metaphor for Virgos. Daisies highlight their authentic and unpretentious self in a lighthearted way. Like the humble wildflower, Virgos may seem simple at first glance but that doesn’t take away from how enchanting they are. Sending a bouquet of daisies deconstructs romanticism in an adorable way – and Virgos are definitely into that!

This wraps up the third guide in our zodiac series. If in doubt – remember, while earth signs may seem to be the reserved ones, they certainly can appreciate a grand, luxurious, and extravagant gift of love. It’s not what kind of flowers that matter, but rather, the gesture of sending flowers alone!

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