Can i place an order over the phone or by email?


Yes, our customer service will be able to process your order over the phone or by email.
If you wish to use a payment method that cannot be accepted over the phone but can be accepted online, we will be able to send a payment request to you via email.


Please visit how to order or to call +852 3157 1118 for details.



− Can I cancel my order?


Yes, if you confirm to cancel at least 2 working days prior to the scheduled delivery day.
Please contact our Customer Service along with the details of your order. however, a fee of $200 is charged to cover administrative fees.


Cancellation does not apply on items that have already been purchased, packaged or seasonal products. You will be required to pay the order’s full price.



− Can you deliver my order at a specific time?


Yes, we can do that on a one hour basis (say 9 – 10am or 1 – 2pm) with $150 additional service charge on top of the standard shipping cost.


Please refer Shipping for more details.



Can you do same day delivery?


Yes, as long as you can place order before 1 pm today, we basically can deliver latest 7pm today.


It does not apply on pre book items. Please refer Shipping for more details.



What do i do if i have forgotten my login name and password?


Please select ‘Log in / Register‘ and then click ‘Lost your password?’. Please enter your email address, you will receive a link to create a new password via email. For security purposes, we may request further information to verify your identity.



Can you attach my own greeting card with message to my bouquet?


Yes for sure, you can mail or bring in your own greeting card to our office/Workshop, then we will attach the given card to the bouquet for you.



Do you deliver on public holidays?


We do not accept same-day deliveries on holidays. However, you can order them for delivery ahead of time.