Urban Flora


Nothing compares to the unfathomable wonders of nature. Its beauty is expressed through the ever-changing seasons, the contrast of night and day, and through the enthralling details found in such a variety of flowers and plants.

Concrete structures are the distinctive emblems of a modern metropolis. These high-rise buildings compose a repetitive pattern that is dissimilar, yet charming, to the unpredictable shapes of nature. The urban city is the ongoing result of the synchronisation between nature and architecture. No matter how our city rapidly changes, nature’s gentle embrace remains.

Reflecting upon the intertwined relationship between city and nature, this coexistence is portrayed through the specially selected flower combinations in our Urban Flora collection. Within the collection, City Nocturne symbolises the bedazzling nightscape of the city; Silver Fog represents the ambiguous phenomenon when the concrete city’s skyline merges with heavy fog; and Weekend Aroma describes the relaxing decompression after powering through a work-loaded week.

URBAN FLORA embodies the abstraction of the unique dynamic between nature and architecture, where both elements synergise with each other to become a new form of harmonious beauty.


A café is always a good place to hang out with friends during the weekend. The soothing aroma of coffee permeates throughout the café, and it reminds you the naturally grown coffee beans come from Mother Nature!


The high-rise buildings make it difficult to clear up condensation, where the thick fog blankets the urban city. This mesmerising phenomenon turns the cityscape into a hazy, mirage-like scene and it gives off a sense of ambiguity.


Neon lights are the soul of Hong Kong’s night life, conjuring up various romantic feelings. They outline the streets and symphonise the enchanting night scene of the city.


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