The Perfect Florals to Elevate Your Space this Coming Fall!

With shorter days and cooler evenings quickly setting in, whether it’s for brightening a dull room, or adding freshness to a space, a luxurious bouquet of fresh flowers can be a much-needed wow factor to elevate one’s space. However, when confronted with different varieties of blooms in several hues, it can be a daunting task to choose the right florals for your home. Worry no more, M FLORIST has whittled down a suggestion of blooms one can use to decorate a home for the upcoming Autumn Winter weather, giving it the ultimate seasonal upgrade.




From the emergence of London’s famous pink hued restaurant, Sketch, to the “Rose Gold” IPhone frenzy, a sudden demand for pink rose amongst the younger generations, deeming the trend ‘millennial pink’. One might worry that this color may be too vibrant for the Autumn Winter season. However, similar to the Juliet bloom box, one can add more greens and browns to the bouquet, instantly giving it a more earthy and rustic union. Suggested product – Sweet Heart | Flower bouquet.




A welcoming gift from Autumn, the Eternal flower box oozes in shades of crimson, adding an instant element of coziness and warmth. These traditional falls hues pop even more when placed against a cool background. Accessorize with rustic and light toned décor to usher in the new season. Suggested product – Kate | Flower box




The sleek grouping of white florals with white décor makes for a sleek finish. By creating simple bundles of blooms, one can come with unexpected results. For the ultimate decoration, pair the florals with white pumpkins, relaxing candles and natural antlers for a soft and peaceful feel. Suggested product – Purity | Flower bouquet