The Complete Guide to Birthday Flowers Delivery and Happy Birthday Flowers

Many people see a birthday as the most special day of the year that deserves thoughtful and detailed celebration planning since every birthday is unique - after all, we only live through a 25- or 55-year-old-birthday once in our life!

For those with the mission to shower the birthday star with birthday gifts and surprises, preparing birthday celebrations can be a time of headache. If you’re struggling with birthday gift ideas, you should know that there’s a growing trend to gift happy birthday flowers, and they can be easily ordered from your local online flower shops in Hong Kong!

This guide is to help you figure out the essentials of happy birthday flowers: what is a birthday month flower? What do different birthday flower colours mean? What is a Happy Birthday Flower Cake? How to order my birthday flower bouquet online and arrange for it to be delivered at the best time?

If these questions are bugging you, read on to learn everything you should know for sending your loved one a happy birthday flower bouquet!

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Why are happy birthday flowers a great gift for birthdays?

Fresh flowers are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They can conjure happiness for the recipients the moment they lay their eyes on the flower bouquet. Gifting happy birthday flower bouquets is a heart-warming gesture - from taking the time to shop for the perfect birthday flowers from the online florist, sorting out the birthday flower delivery, to adding your customised birthday message, every step is evidence that shows your care and birthday wishes for the birthday person.

The happy birthday flower bouquet you picked tells your taste and how much you know about the recipient. It is a great way to strike a lasting impression on your loved ones and let your personality shine. Sending flowers also adds a sense of ceremony to our mundane daily life, something so sought-after and advocated by the younger generation nowadays to breathe life and create positive, memorable episodes that we can always recall later in our lives.

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What are some innovative birthday flower gift ideas?

Is a traditional flower bouquet a bit too conventional to show your character? Birthday flower cakes, birthday flower boxes, and birthday vase arrangements are some trending birthday flower gift ideas that you should also consider!

The top contender is the birthday flower cake - an innovative flower arrangement design pioneered by M FLORIST! As the name suggests, it is a flower arrangement shaped like a birthday cake just like every other cake you see in bakeries. Admired from afar, it looks like a real, edible cake at first glance, and it even comes with a “happy birthday” topper! The ingenious birthday flower cake is the best to be gifted at a birthday dinner, celebration in the hotel or private party. This showstopper guarantees to stun everyone present and be the party highlight that steals all the attention, at the party, on Instagram reels and stories!

If you plan to eat out on the birthday night, a hand-tied birthday flower bouquet is the way to go! Be ready to steal all the envious gazes from passers-by when you and the recipient flaunt the gorgeous birthday bouquet walking down the street. This kind of public display of affection will surely make your loved one blush as much as the sweet blooms she is holding.

Think “inside-the-box” if you plan to send birthday flowers to the recipient's home or office - meaning send them a birthday flower box! A birthday flower box is neat and tightly arranged. It can be conveniently moved around for trying out different decoration ideas. In our shop, a birthday flower box is a very popular birthday gift and our customers often pair it with additional presents on the side, such as jewellry, designer handbags, wine etc.

Birthday vase arrangement has been rising in demand. It is the perfect birthday gift for recipients who don’t have a vase or don’t have much experience having flower bouquets at home. Each one of our out-of-the-vase birthday flower arrangements is meticulously put together by our florists according to the shape of the vase. The recipient can be worry-free from having to tediously remove the wrapping paper, trim the flower stem, and arrange the birthday flowers by themselves.

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What do birthday month flowers symbolise?

Actions speak louder than words - in the case of giving birthday flower bouquets, you can deliver your birthday wishings through the language of the flower.

Like the zodiac, each month has its dedicated birthday month flowers that have special meanings. Sending a birthday flower bouquet with a specific meaning is a poetic and subtle way to express your affection and birthday wishings.

January’s birth month flowers are carnation and snowdrop. Carnation and snowdrop are both distinctly strong flowers that bloom in cold weather months. Carnation is a popular flower for birthday bouquets thanks to its beautiful, charming petals. It represents admiration, love, and distinction, perfect for giving your mother to show your sincere birthday wishes and respect.

February’s birth month flowers are violet and primrose. Violet symbolises modesty, faithfulness and virtue. This alluring purple bloom was used in the Victorian time to declare “always to be true”, and it remains to be a modern reminder of loyalty, thoughtfulness, and dependability. The pale yellow primrose is a perennial, edible flower that can add a pop of colour to your birthday cake or cupcake!

March’s birth month flower is the daffodil, a little sunshine bud that instantly summons the comforting imagery of spring. It has the meanings of new beginnings, unparallel love, vanity, good luck, prosperity, and faithfulness, and is a metaphor for the sun always shining bright when you have loved ones in your life.

April’s birth month flowers are daisy and sweet pea. The cute, endearing daisy is a symbol of purity, innocence, true love, and motherhood, and is a well-loved filler flower to make a birthday flower bouquet elegant. Sweet pea means blissful pleasure. It is known for its sweet scent and will surely make your recipient’s home smell like a heavenly garden.

May’s birth month flowers are the lily of the valley and hawthorn. The lily of the valley is a delicate flower that hangs a couple of tiny white buds on one stem. Its dainty look gives the feeling of sweetness, humility, and motherhood, which makes it the fitting birthday flower to send your mum! While the hawthorn flower is not a regular in bouquets, its berry is often used as fillers in bouquets for a more colourful, dynamic appearance.

June’s birth month flower is the rose. Rose is the all-time favourite flower choice in birthday flower bouquets. Roses mean love and nobility, and they are the iconic flowers to give your significant other, the person you wish to pursue, or the female elders you respect.

July’s birth month flowers are larkspur and water lily. Larkspur usually comes in purple, blue, pink, and white, and generally symbolises positivity, dignity, and grace. A water lily is an ethereal-looking flower that has the meaning of pleasure, peace, purity or rebirth. When used in a birthday flower bouquet, it can surely add an entrancing touch to bewitch your recipient.

August’s birth month flowers are gladiolus and poppy. Commonly known as the sword lily, gladiolus is associated with integrity, faithfulness, strength of character, remembrance, and persistence. The poppy is the symbolic flower worn on Armistice Day in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada and France to commemorate those who lost their lives in World War I. Poppy has an iconic bright red colour and is sometimes used to symbolise imagination.

September’s birth month flowers are aster and morning glory. Aster usually comes in purple, pink, yellow, and white, and is embraced by many florists to use as flower fillers in birthday flower bouquets, for it has positive meanings like all-power love, affection, wisdom, royalty, and valour. Morning glory is an admired flower that many people keep as a plant. It sports symmetrical petals, star-like centres and vibrant colours like magenta and lilac, an appropriate look for its meaning - unrequited love.

October’s birth month flowers are marigold and cosmo. Marigold sparks autumn vibes with its splendid golden and orange petals, with optimistic symbolisms like passion, fierce love, and drive to succeed. Cosmo is a fine little bud that adds swatches of colours to your birthday flower bouquet as a filler flower, imbuing positive meanings of peace and tranquillity.

November’s birth month flower is the chrysanthemum. Pink, blush, red and orange chrysanthemums are often used in flower bouquets. Generally, Chrysanthemum is the flower of loyalty, honesty, deep passion, and get well wishes.

December’s birth month flowers are narcissus and holly. Known for its white blooms and trumpet-like centre, narcissus is a symbol of hope, wealth, and “the only one”. Holly is a convenient birthday month plant in the festive season. You can incorporate its leaves and berries in the birthday bouquet or wreath to inject a dose of festive spirit into your beloved’s birthday celebration!

Other notable flowers often used in birthday flower bouquets: Baby’s breath is highly common in birthday flower bouquets since they emanate elegance and bear graceful symbolism such as purity, serenity, and romance. Many stylish happy birthday flower bouquets feature sunflowers as their protagonist, as sunflower represents perseverance and bravery despite adversity. Sunflower is a befitting happy birthday flower for friends and elders for enticing positive energy the moment they lay eyes on it. Pink anthurium is getting increasing attention from flower lovers because of its sophisticated look and its good symbolisms of passion and concern. The fluffy and endearing hydrangea is another popular birthday flower choice for girls, which means inclusive, energetic, eternity, happiness and reunion.

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What should I know before ordering happy birthday flowers online?

Q: What's the best time to deliver a birthday flower bouquet?

Without a doubt, the best time to gift a birthday flower bouquet is on birthday! The rule of thumb is to deliver your birthday flower bouquet sooner than later.

Q: How many days in advance do I need to order a birthday flower bouquet online?

It is best to order a happy birthday flower bouquet from the online florist 1 week in advance. That way you can make a note of your special flower delivery request. The florists can have ample time to source the freshest flowers that bloom at their most beautiful moment for you. Also, you’ll have enough wiggle room in case you need to amend your order. For more details, please visit Flower Delivery Service.

Q: Can I attach a customised birthday card to the birthday flower bouquet?

Of course, you can add a personalised birthday card to your birthday flower bouquet! Simply fill in your birthday message when checking out, or request a blank greeting card so you can customise the card by yourself if you wish to deliver the birthday bouquet in person.

Q: Can I revise a processing birthday flower bouquet order?

If you need to change anything for your order, please contact us at least 3 days before the birthday bouquet delivery date, and state the information and arrangement you wish to change.

Q: What should I pay attention to if the flower recipient has pets?

Some plants and flowers are poisonous to pets and can cause vomiting, seizures, tremors, or even more serious effects if ingested. Remember to check if the recipients have pets. Do some research on what kinds of flowers you should avoid and which are pet-friendly before you place the flower order. If you have special requirements about your birthday flower bouquet, please contact us to arrange it.