Top 5 Tips to Shop for the Best Valentine's Day Flowers in Hong Kong

When Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we know it is time to fill the air with love - and her hands with a bountiful rose bouquet or Valentine’s Day flowers! If you’re having a headache about what flowers to give your loved one for this special occasion, don’t fret as we’re here to answer your burning questions about picking the best Valentine’s Day flowers and bouquets in Hong Kong.

Why do we give flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers have long been associated with romance and beauty, and it’s no surprise that flowers make the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Since the Victorian times in the 19th century, people have been poetising flower language and sending loved ones beautiful blooms to express feelings and affection.

To this day, giving flowers on Valentine’s Day has been a norm around the globe, and is commonly practised also in Hong Kong for couples to celebrate their relationships and devotion. Particularly, red roses are symbolic when it comes to Valentine’s Day for they represent passion, true love, and desire. Whether you’re in the market for a romantic rose bouquet, or a uniquely designed Valentine’s Day flower arrangement at its best, nowadays online one-stop-shop florists in Hong Kong can help you pick the perfect blooms for her in a blink of an eye.

To help you get ideas to woo your special someone on Cupid’s Day, here are our top 5 tips on how to pick the best Valentine’s Day flowers in Hong Kong that speak your love.

Sniff out what type of Valentine’s Day flowers she likes

Gifting Valentine's Day flowers, roses and gifts to your special someone is a thoughtful and romantic gesture to show how important she is to you. To ensure your Valentine’s Day surprise is well received or even guarantee yourself a few bonus points from her, you need to know what type of flowers, styles or colours she likes. Whether you plan to order a beautiful rose bouquet online or visit a local Hong Kong florist in person, it is paramount to take the time to learn your loved one's preferences for flowers.

There’s a way to finesse this detective work. Try to casually bring up flower topics in conversations, ask her what her favourite flower is, and see if she has any preferences when it comes to colour and arrangement. You can also look at her flower arrangements at home or work space to get clues for your Valentine’s Day flower gift. If you’re dedicated, it might not be a bad idea to stalk a little on her Instagram for gift inspirations for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet

Consider the flower and rose colours meaning for Valentine’s Day

Flower colours can convey different meanings and sentiments, so don’t overlook the symbolism behind different flowers when shopping online for your Valentine's Day flowers and rose bouquets.

Red roses are the classic go-to for Valentine's Day. They are universally accepted as the symbol of passionate love. Pink roses represent admiration and appreciation, making them a great choice for delivering your gratitude towards your partner. Champagne roses have been growing popular as a flower gift in recent years, for these champagne-hued blooms represent charm, gracefulness and thoughtfulness, best to tell someone “you’re a beauty in my eyes”. White roses convey powerful meanings as they are tied with weddings and romantic occasions. As the flowers for purity, youthfulness, and innocence, white roses are often used in bridal bouquets or gifted to newlyweds to celebrate new beginnings. For that special someone that you have feelings for but you two are not quite yet a couple, yellow roses will be a good flower gift as they represent friendship and happiness. You can even sprinkle some hints to her by coupling a box of chocolate and a message card in your yellow rose bouquet.

Valentine’s Day Red Rose Flower Bouquet

Consider the number of meanings behind rose bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day flower gifting imperative is the number of roses in your bouquet. A single rose can show your devotion and says she is your “love at first sight”. 12 stems in a rose bouquet is a simple way to ask “will you be mine?”. A 24-stem rose bouquet makes a nice, bountiful floral gift for Valentine’s Day to say “I’m yours!” or “you’re always on my mind”. A 36-stem rose bouquet is a stunner that screams “I’m head over heels in love!” or “I’ll remember our romantic moments”. The true showstopper is a 99-stem rose bouquet for you to declare “I will love you till the day I die!” to her in a beautiful and elegant way.

Valentine’s Day Rose flower bouquet

Order Valentine’s Day flowers early from online florists to avoid disappointment

With today’s advancement in eCommerce and shipping in Hong Kong, shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts is no longer an ordeal. When online flower shops in Hong Kong usually offer a whole Valentine’s Day flower collection like ours for you to choose from, you can assure the exact style and colours of your Valentine’s Day gift, especially if your flower recipient has a particular preference for flowers. Order your Valentine’s Day flowers around 1-2 weeks in advance to allow the florists to reserve the best Valentine’s Day flowers blooming at their prime for you, make sure you schedule the best flower delivery timing and leave some wiggle room in case you need to make any flower order changes. 

Similarly, you can take a stroll at local flower markets and stores to get inspiration. While brick-and-mortar shops are good for last-minute shop-and-go gift buying, some people might not find shopping in the crowd a pleasant experience or worry the popular and quality flower bouquets are sold out when they get there. These concerns can be eased if you shop for Valentine’s Day flowers from an online florist. Some online flower shops in Hong Kong, like ours, offer next-day or even same-day flower delivery. At M FLORIST, we offer same-day delivery service on Seasonal flower collection, so you don’t have to worry about last-minute gift shopping.

Bundle the Valentine’s Day flowers with another gift

According to the straw poll, bundling a bouquet with gifts leaves an even better impression than a standalone flower bouquet when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Treat her with a box of chocolate, jewellery, or a small gift that can elevate her living together with your Valentine’s Day bouquet, which is a surefire way to give her an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration. 

If you choose from our Living Collections, make sure to let us know in the note box during checkout if you wish to bundle your gift and flowers. If you want to put your special gift in the bouquet yourself, check out our flower collect-in-store arrangement so you can add the surprise in your own way!

How to order Valentine's Day flowers online in Hong Kong?

At M FLORIST, we want to make sure easy and convenient shopping is a part of your flower gifting experience so you can feel the excitement just as your recipients do! 

We provide a one-stop shopping experience on our website. From browsing, add-to-cart, flower delivery scheduling and checkout, you can order your Valentine’s Day flowers with just a few clicks.

Due to high demand during Valentine’s Day period, we might have special arrangements for the flower delivery service. Make sure you check out the latest delivery service update for your Valentine’s Day roses and bouquets from the product page and Flower Delivery Service.

We pride ourselves on our professional team of florists, delivery crew, and customer service staffers in Hong Kong. If you have any enquiries or special instructions for your Valentine’s Day flowers, please feel free to contact us!