Prefect Gift For Mother’s Day 2022 – Wonderful Mother’s Day Flower for Our Amazing Moms

Motherhood has been synonymous with springtime and plants for centuries. No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow, melting the cold and bringing life and hope as always. Spring and plants are representative of life and fertility. The beauty and purity emanated from flowers are similar attributes associated with mothers, or the women who unconditionally raise us. First and foremost for Mother’s Day we give our mothers flowers, simply because we love them! No one can resist the scents and colours of fresh flower arrangements, especially those lovely ladies.




Mother’s Day is a celebration especially dedicated to expressing our gratitude to our mothers. The founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, was from the United States. She had a close relationship with her mother who was a gentle and compassionate woman since childhood, which lead Anna to want to set up a memorial day to compliment those who dedicated themselves as mothers in the country. Unfortunately, Anna’s mom died in May 1905 before she could achieve the goal. Anna was determined to finish her mom’s unfulfilled wish and spent her life promoting legal establishment for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day was finally recognized in 1914 by the United States Congress as a legal holiday, falling on the second Sunday in May each year.




The carnation, as an official Mother’s Day flower, gained widespread fame when Anna Jarvis distributed hundreds of white carnations on the first official celebration of this day. Carnations were Anna’s mothers favourite bloom. Carnations upon death do not drop their petals but draw them into their centre, like mothers who spend their whole life drawing their children close to their hearts in loving embrace. This beautiful symbolism has made Carnation’s the centre of Mother’s Day flowers. As the influence of Mother’s Day spread all over the world, sending Carnations as a gift has become a tradition.




The colours of beautiful spring flowers carry different meanings on Mother’s Day. It is the season of flowers blooming, and the time to give affirmation to all the wonderful and sweet ladies in the world. “The Essence of LOVE” is the special collection from M FLORIST for Mother’s Day 2022. Inspired by the blooms in spring and summer, M FLORIST has designed a collection with a variety of meaningful and distinctive bouquets and flower jars for all mothers. They express the deepest love to all who help take care of problems, build confidence, and make one feel loved, protected and entirely safe in the world.



Mother’s Day is the day to thank all those wonderful woman who used their lives to raise you up. We love to send gifts to express our gratitude and love, and flower bouquets are the best choice among all. Their beauty so easily and simply bring joy to all who receive them.

Carnations are the official flower for Mother’s Day. Legend has it that Carnations grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. The elegant blooms are hence associated with a mother’s love and care. Carnations are also the symbol of motherly love, admiration, and gratitude. They come in various colours with different meanings to convey your thoughts and feelings.

Apart from the Carnation, there are a lot of beautiful seasonal flowers perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet. The Sweet pea, a climbing plant which has delicate, sweet-smelling flowers, and is symbolic of gratitude, is the perfect pairing. Gift these flowers if you want to express your thanks to your sweet and lovely mom.

The Peony is also good for Mother’s Day bouquets! Peonies symbolize honour and compassion. A gift of Peonies tells the recipient that you honour them. Honour the superwoman in your life by sending them the greatest blessing with Peonies on Mother’s Day.

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The Essence of LOVE” collection for Mother’s Day has different flower arrangements in bouquet and jar form, designed to represent the different personalities and beauty of moms. Order your Mother’s Day bouquet for your special one now!