Flower Care: How to Care for Orchids

Orchids are wonderful house plants with good symbolism. They are no stranger to us flower lovers – we see orchids all the time in Hong Kong flower markets especially in Chinese New Year, or nowadays we can simply get them delivered to our home by ordering from online florists in Hong Kong.

Although orchids are easy to come by, it has a reputation for being difficult to keep alive. If you are gifted some nice new orchids or got hold of some to decorate your place, you should know that caring for orchids is not as hard as you think if you learn the know-how.

From soil advice, watering tricks to post-bloom maintenance, we gathered some orchid caring tips to keep your lovely orchids healthy and alive.


In the Victorian era, orchids came from the tropics only and were extremely rare. Owning orchids is a display of luxury and refined taste among the Victorian high society. When given as a gift, the rarer the orchid, the deeper the sender’s love and passion were for the receiver.

In Chinese society, orchids are a symbol of integrity, elegance, and friendship. The highly coveted pink orchids mean grace, happiness, and femininity, making them a great gift for friends and family. Yellow orchids are well-received gifts to friends to wish for successful new beginnings, forever friendship, and to celebrate an accomplishment. White orchids mean innocence, purity, and elegance. Purple red orchids are common gifts to your elders or someone you respect, for they symbolise royalty, admiration, and regard.


The most common type of orchid is phalaenopsis, or simply called the moth orchid with its large delicate petals, bright colours, and symmetrical shape. This type of orchid blooms one to two times a year and the flowers last for two to three months.

Other orchid types include dendrobium and oncidium, which bloom one to two times a year, and their flowers last around a month. 


When you get your orchids from flower shops in Hong Kong, the orchids are probably already in their prime blooming stage. With proper care, orchids can bloom again and live indefinitely, making them an excellent house plant with delicate flowers to elevate your living atmosphere.

Although orchids are tropical flowers that originate from rainforests, they don’t need too much water. In fact, one of the common mistakes people make to harm an orchid is overwatering. If orchid roots constantly sit in the water without proper drainage, they can root and cause the orchid to whither.

Make sure you follow the below to make your orchids happy!


Orchids grow best in pots that have sufficient drainage. Choose flower pots that have drainage holes at the bottom so any excess water can be drained completely. If your orchids come in a pot without drainage holes, you can either repot them or drill some holes under the pot to avoid rotten roots.

If you find your orchids stop blooming but all things seem right – suitable sunlight, the right temperature, and balanced humidity, then you might need to repot the orchids to a bigger pot.


It is important to keep a sensitive mind when watering orchids. Ditch the rigid watering schedule and water your orchid flexibly. One way to check for watering is to poke your finger about an inch (2.5cm) into the soil. If the soil is dry, give your orchid some water. Let it be if it’s still wet. Make 100% sure the excess water can be drained from the drainage holes. Water the roots but not onto the plant or leaves as they are susceptible to excess moisture and can rot as a result.

Or you can water your orchids in an easier way. Some orchids come with a clear plastic container with draining holes below. You can keep the container and put the orchids together with the container in a holding pot. Fill the pot with water until the roots are fully submerged. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes, take out the orchids with the container, then pour away the remaining water in the holding pot. Put the orchids back in the pot and you’re done! Some might even suggest just pop an ice cube twice a week under the orchid leaves. Not a bad way to water smartly!


Orchids grow in shallow planting and prefer indirect sunlight. Orchids thrive in moderate temperatures between 16 to 24 degrees Celsius with a little air circulation.

It’s best to place your orchids next to a window or in a room facing east to south, or somewhere shielded by a sheer curtain. Orchids will not bloom well if there is not enough light. However, too much direct light can scorch the orchids’ leaves.

Now that you know how to care for orchids properly, no orchids will be too tricky to handle. Check out the orchids collection curated by our florists, and deliver some elegant orchids or flowers to a beloved friend or family member anywhere within Hong Kong to send your thoughts and good wishes!