Flower & Astrology - M FLORIST’s Guide to Water Signs

The month of March is the perfect time to celebrate water signs’ sensitive and loving nature. Water signs are like the gentle waves tumbling over rocks, or the glistening pond that quietly reflects the world around with a serene filter. They are the world’s natural beauty, symbolized by their reflective yet dreamy and imaginative nature.

When it comes to our Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces, still waters do run deep. Water signs are known to feel intensely behind their tame, calm, or even reserved demeanor. Their capacity to feel extends beyond themselves, making them highly perceptive of others’ feelings and needs as well. Like a river filling in every crevice of the stream, water signs’ sharp instincts pick up on nuances that others often miss. This makes them the best empaths highly attuned to sensing emotions, intentions, and character.

The Flower & Astrology is a fun mini-series created to help you find every sign’s cosmic match. Follow our guide to switch things up when sending generic flower bouquets or red roses gets a little tired.




Cancers are born between June 21 and July 22. On top of being emotionally sensitive, Cancers are also known to be very loving, nurturing, and protective. The Cancer archetype is a mother who caters to the needs of others and holds families together. She exudes healing energy to the world.

What’s the best flower for the healer? For nature’s loving mothers, carnation is a decent choice. Carnation celebrates a nurturer’s selflessness, which explains its popularity on Mother’s Day. As graceful as they are, the strong association with maternity might not be for everyone, especially not younger ladies. A nice alternative would be white roses. It captures Cancerians’ delicate, loving, and romantic side while singing praises to their elegance and subtly. Delphinium is another option in the same vein – a flower that represents grace, dignity, and an open heart. Suggested product – Purity Love | Flower bouquet




Scorpios are born between October 24 and November 22. They are the most passionate among water signs – so much so that they can sometimes be mistaken as feisty fire signs. To complement their incredible intensity, sensuality, and passion, Geranium or dark red flowers are great choices. Not only do Geraniums represent these attributes, but like Geraniums, Scorpios also have many sides to them.

You may never fully know what they are thinking but isn’t their enigmatic and mysterious nature all part of the allure? Suggested product – Red Lip | Flower bouquet




Pisces Born between February 20 and March 20, Piscerians are symbolized by two fish in the water and the idea of flow runs in their spirit. Water Lily embodies her spiritual qualities as a magnificent aquatic flower. These flowers are symbols of beauty, purity, and enlightenment in Chinese mythology and beyond which makes them perfect for the sign, but the catch is that Water Lilies are obviously not easy to present in a flower bouquet, so as florists, we would suggest the following alternatives.

Jasmine brings a beautiful scent to the home while invoking thoughts of purity and liveliness, resonating with the loving and vivacious side of Pisces. Daisy is another favorite of the sign – white, beautiful, and exuberant, they are the perfect balance between their tender sensitivity and their love for life.

This wraps up our top picks for our water sign friends. Other than flower species, we florists love to play around with palettes, textures, and silhouettes to bring together beautiful flower bouquets that fully capture the amazing qualities of your loved one. If you enjoyed this guide and would like to learn about your sign next, do check back in with us in the following weeks to catch the rest of our astrological segment!