Flower & Astrology - Flowers for Feisty Fire Signs

What comes to mind when you think of fire signs? Energetic, passionate, and confident are a few qualities commonly associated with the headstrong achievers of our zodiac. Individuals born under the signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius love a challenge. Led by the burning desire to conquer whatever they set their heart on, they are not only go-getter themselves, but they also inspire action by taking the first steps as an initiator and trailblazer. That’s why they are charming natural leaders.

Fire signs never seem to run out of fuel but burning the candle at both ends can really take a toll on them. If you observe that your loved one is especially temperamental these days, before you reason it to fire signs being fire signs, consider the possibility that they are burned out. This makes for a great opportunity to pamper them with love and affection with a custom bouquet that compliments their personality. So without further ado, here are the perfect flowers for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.



Aries are born between March 21 and April 20 and their birth flower is Thistle. Thistle is a great metaphor for Aries – it’s a vivacious purple flower that is thorny on the stem, just like how there is both sweetness and strength to the dynamic fire sign. The cheerful and enthusiastic ram does pack a punch as they are fiercely independent, ambitious, and motivated individuals. Thistles, however, are not commonly found in bouquets. Instead, Eryngium Supernova is a popular alternative that carries the same unique features.

Honeysuckle, which some calls “the social climber” is another one of the Aries’ birth flowers. They bloom and produce sweet-scented flowers around their birth month, the sweet nectar of which attracts hummingbirds mirroring Aries’ sociable and giving nature. Climbing honeysuckles are also classic climbers that twine around pergolas and adorning walls. This is thought to be a display of devotion and determination. Suggested product – Shining Star | Flower bouquet



Leos are born between July 22 and August 22 in the deep heat of Summer. They are bold and energetic extroverts who love to be the center of attention. No other species portrays these traits better than their birth flower, Marigold. Not only are Marigolds the beautiful color of sunshine, but they are also the tallest and most upright flower. Reaching up to three to four feet in height, they stand out from short shrubs and are not afraid to shine. Marigold thrives under hot and dry conditions and blooms annually in Summertime as if to greet Leos on their birthday.

Sunflower is another great pick for obvious reasons. It has very similar qualities to Marigold – it’s also an exuberant golden flower that stands proud on a strong and upright stalk. Just like Leo, they have an “extroverted” quality that makes them gravitate towards the loving sunlight. It’s safe to say that anything that’s big, bold, and beautiful and in golden yellow would be Leo’s cup of tea. At M FLORIST, we recommend our sunset-colored garden rose flower box that makes a statement of elegance and femininity. Suggested product – Juliet Flower box



Last among the fire signs is Sagittarius. Born between November 22 to December 21, Sagittarius is audacious, progressive, and adventurous. They value their freedom immensely and that’s seen through their love for travel and directness in expression.

Sagittarians’ birth flowers are Narcissus and Carnation. Narcissus sprouts straight upwards and flowers very densely all at once. This is similar to how Sagittarians communicate – they are direct and to the point, which makes them come across as genuine and honest; and when it comes to ideas they are passionate about, they can babble on and on because they’ve got so much to share! Carnation, on the other hand, represents intellect, wisdom, and strength with a taste for adventure, which makes it perfect for the more mature Saggitarian. In terms of color, pink is the most appropriate of all. Our Songbird bouquet in a harmonic pink palette embodies these qualities. Suggested product – Songbird | Flower bouquet

These are some ideas on what flowers to include in a bouquet for your fiery friend or lover. Stay tuned to learn that about Earth and Air signs!

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