All-New Occasional Catalog “Love & Romance”

February is always the most romantic time of year for love birds around town, but Valentine’s Day is not the only reason to celebrate a loving unity. Starting from the month of March, M FLORIST will be offering a selection of beautiful rose bouquets from the Love & Romance catalog all year round.



A bouquet of roses is like a love potion. It’s an elixir that rekindles forgotten passion and a spell that brings lovers closer together. It’s potent infatuation in a bundle that inspires joy like no other. Just as brewing powerful potions calls for witchcraft and wizardry, capturing delicate sentiments in a precise flower composition takes the mastery and keen eye of a skilled florist. That’s where M FLORIST comes into play.

Contrasting in textures and tones, each style in the catalog packs its own punch and personality. Send your other half the perfect bouquet that complements her personality and she will be willingly spellbound forever.




If you fancy a direct and frank approach, go mono-color. Available in red, pink, champagne, lilac, cherry blossom, and ivory, these are flower bouquets in a uniform color available in bundles of 12, 24, 36, or 99. Not sure what color to pick? Here’s a florist’s guide. 

Red is a timeless classic that makes a powerful statement of love. Pink is another popular choice that compliments her femininity. Champagne is great for the modern beauty that radiates charm and class. A lilac bundle tells her she’s regal and nothing less than a queen. Cherry blossom color will remind her of the early days of your budding love and that warm fuzzy feeling of pure bliss. Lastly, ivory is synonymous with purity. Some may say it’s a gesture that carries weight as many believe that it signifies devotion and commitment. Go for this if it’s for a grand proposal or an anniversary gift.

The monotonal approach is almost fool-proof – no matter the color you choose, you will be sending an impactful message of love, loud and clear. Suggested product – Pink Kiss | Flower bouquet




For the more sophisticated lady, add an extra dimension to the flower bouquet with rich textures and colors. In this category, we offer a range of mix-and-match styles made up of roses, hydrangea, anthurium, scabiosa, and seasonal foliage of different colors. ‘Luxurious texture’ is the polar opposite of our mono-color options. Here we play with layers of complementary botanicals that come together in an elegant composition like a luscious Summer garden. Styles come in colors such as champagne, red, pink, and lilac, each bringing a different flavor to the set. Suggested product – Sweetie | Flower bouquet



If you know your partner will appreciate a lil’ something extra, upgrade any of the styles above to its higher tiers. As mentioned earlier, mono-color bouquets go up to as many as 99 roses, and selections in ‘Luxurious Textures’ are available in sizes up to 40cm wide. Sometimes it’s a number’s game – the more the merrier!

Give the gift of love. Send a poetic message with flowers and make memories that last a lifetime. Order yours now to make the most of a special occasion.