2021 is Around the Corner, Plan Ahead!

2020 – one of the most challenging years is finally coming to an end, and there are too many reasons to welcome the arrival of 2021. With everyone united to halt Covid-19, many wedding couples put aside their long-waited day and look forward to tying the knots in the coming year.

Preparing a wedding can be a whirlwind of activity; picking the perfect wedding bouquet to go with the bride can be a matter worth some attentive thoughts. Choosing a color scheme of your taste will clear the path and help to create a cohesive look & feel to manifest your finesse and elevate the space of your wedding venue.

To get you inspired, we have picked 7 resplendent color palettes for the wedding bouquet at your much-anticipated wedding in 2021.

Color Palettes for Your Wedding Bouquet in 2021

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

1. Copper & Nude – A Luxurious Color Choice for a Wedding Bouquet

For some wedding couples, they may have waited an extra year for this big day. To better accentuate this substantial moment, a grandiose and weighty color like copper, burgundy, and maroon would be a great fit.

The color of red wine often conveys a feeling of passion, intensity, and vigorousness. Petals of roses will complete your look with extra opulence and lavishness. With touches of nude in accompaniment to the champion crimson in the bouquet, the overall look screams confidence and femininity at the same time.

A perfect balance between the classy copper & nude can be hard to master, what do you think about our Wonderful Day Bouquet?

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2. Shimmering Blush – The Wedding Bouquet Color for The Lifting of The Veil

Nothing is more precious than seeing your bride’s blush as you lift her veil. You can translate this cozy moment onto your bouquet with a palette of pink, champagne, blush, and ballet slipper pink.

A blend between the passionate red and innocent white, pink, and blush is often associated with tenderness, nurtured love, and romance. With dashes of white and pale coral added to enhance the shades, a pink palette bouquet can offer a radiating shimmer to the bride’s appearance.

Click here to see our interpretation of shimmering blush from Angelic Bouquet!

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3. Royal Blue – A Color of Gentle Breeze for Your Wedding Bouquet

Blue is the hue of the horizon; the tint of the sky and the ocean. For wedding couples of refined and graceful temperaments, azure, sky blue, powder blue, and baby blue will be appropriate options to array their elegant and polished dispositions.

Blue portrays a sense of loyalty, sensibility, intelligence, and tranquility. It offers a serene and sophisticated look to marry with the overall white and ivory tones of a wedding ceremony. Painting a dash of blush in the wedding bouquet, this palette is guaranteed to make the guests gasp when the bride makes her debut like a refreshing breeze at the wedding.

Maybe our Shining Star Bouquet could be your choice for a blue-themed wedding?

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4. White on White – THE Color of the Wedding Bouquet

Here we go – the most iconic and popular color palette of all time. The symbol of purity and innocence, the shades of white and pearl are arguably the most common color of all to be used on a wedding bouquet, due to its compatibility with all colors.

Some people may shy away from an all-white bouquet, since white flowers may signify different meanings depending on the culture, or simply because paler colors require meticulous attention in creating layers to make it pop.

Solution? Don’t focus on the color. One of the tactful ways to solve this is to arrange your bouquet in a tasteful shape. With a discerning eye to choose the right flowers, a cluster of flower petals with different sizes and shapes can create a pull-together bundle. For example, you can put in decorative flowers like andromedas to dangle like little bells at the skirt of your bouquet. Sprinkling pearl and blush here and there also add accents that brush up the overall white tone.

Searching for a delicate white bouquet? Look no further than our Purity Bouquet!

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5. One Color for The One True Love – The Wedding Bouquet Color That Pops

Less is more – a minimalistic aesthetic might make your wedding bouquet stand out, especially if the bride’s gown has intricate layers, a floral lace, or embroidery design. Some people may dismiss the idea of having just a mono-color on their wedding bouquet because, to be honest, a single-colored bouquet may sound a bit cliché and boring. Don’t judge yet, wait till you hear its perks!

A one-colored bouquet is visually arresting. Rather than having multiple shades to even the colors out, a wholly red or peach bouquet grabs the attention immediately. Bundling up a single kind of flower with the same color can render an even more distinctive characteristic and cohesive look to the wedding bouquet, a conversation piece that can attract everyone’s gaze in no time when the bride makes her grand appearance.

Another advantage of choosing a wedding bouquet of the same color? You can pick a blossom with a meaning that best represents your love for your significant other. To express your igniting flame of love, a rose is a classic choice for showing passion and intimacy. If you wish to express your heartfelt sentiment or desire to connect with your partner emotionally, you can choose a lavender and magenta hydrangea which is usually tied to gratitude and understanding. Peony is also a great choice for a blush and baby pink motif, with its symbolism of romance, a happy marriage, good fortune, and compassion.

A bouquet of red, champagne, apricot pink, or ice pink…? Oops, we might have too many choices for you!

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6. Violet and Plum – A Sacred and Royal Color for a Wedding Bouquet

Purple marries the tranquility of blue and the fiery energy of red. Due to its rare occurrence in nature, purple often ties with the meaning of nobility, luxury, grandeur, devotion, and pride. As a cool shade on the color wheel, purple and violet often evoke a solemn and sacred feeling, making it one of the popular colors for the wedding ceremony to celebrate the spiritual bonding of the wedding couple.

The most common flowers of purple are lavender, lilac, and orchid. Given its weighty and lush tone, it is no surprise that purple goes tremendously well with white or ashy colors. Whether you pick a deep plum or a brighter periwinkle as the protagonist of your wedding bouquet, throwing in some heather roses or baby pink tulips can never go wrong. Not only do they bring a harmonious touch on the palette, but also ease out the gravity of the purple, framing it in a more prominent position in your eyes.

Purple flowers often have softer petals which are hard to handle, do you like how we arrange our velvety True Romance Bouquet?

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7. A burst of Colors – A Wedding Bouquet that Put Colors on Your Big Day

Can’t make up your mind on which palette to use for your wedding bouquet? Maybe don’t let colors define your personality or your big moment! After all, compared to the bottomless love and fondness for your partner, family, and friends, what shade you pick on the color spectrum doesn’t really matter. From another aspect, adding more colors to your wedding bouquet will translate your openness for diversity, and highlight your jovial spirit and dynamic character.

If you’re unsure how to curate a multi-color wedding bouquet, consult your florist! Without the restriction of colors, your florist will have the freedom to pick the freshest blossom based on the season and curate the perfect bouquet with their creativity.

A kaleidoscopic bouquet can permeate finesse and exquisiteness as well, just like our fairytale-like Sweet Heart Bouquet!

Looking Onwards

While we’re pondering about the future of 2021, let’s not forget the excitement of finally being able to walk down the aisle with a wedding bouquet in your hand, and exchange that ring with the love of your life. Some years later, you’ll look back at your wedding photo, and maybe laugh a little at your partner about how nervous they were. So, don’t sweat about the small stuff, and let us put together the perfect wedding bouquet for you.

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